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Urban eBikes, perfect for the next generation of commuters

By Barry Holder

18th July 2017

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The cycling commuter is not a new phenomenon.  For many years bicycles would be the primary mode of transport for many a village primary school teacher, vicar or local bobby.

Then the millennium brought us the rise of the MAMIL – Middle Aged Man In Lycra and suddenly every office across the land was being decorated with several thousand pounds worth of full and part carbon road bikes as Robert in Accounts turned into Mean Bob The Time Trial Machine.

As a result, employers were also forced to look at improving facilities, not least investing in a bike store and a shower to deal with sweaty commuters, while co-workers have become accustomed to averting their eyes from the sight of bulging fluorescent Lycra everywhere.

With the advent of Urban eBikes, the cyclist commuter has options that won’t risk permanent damage to colleague to colleague relationships (and cut down on the need for protein pastes for breakfast).  Around 4% of the working UK population cite their bikes as their main mode of transport to work, a figure that is increasing all the time.

Urban eBike models such as Lectro’s Avanti or Vintage give the commuter to benefit of modern ePAS (electric Pedal Assist System) technology which provides the cyclist with variable assistance when needed through a motor in the crank and computer control to distribute power when needed.

This in turns means the amount of effort exerted to nip ahead of traffic, or get up those annoying hills that may look like a gentle rise, but at 8am, with a full day ahead, it can feel like an ascent up Alpe d’Huez.  As a result, the modern commuter can arrive at the office barely breaking sweat and ready for a productive day ahead.

Of course, not every cyclist see’s the commute as chore, but rather than opportunity to get in a quick cardio workout.  For these titans of the road, Urban eBikes like the Lectro Urban Race is the perfect machine.  With its aluminium frame, Shimano components, including 21 speed drive train it offers the perfect balance of high performance bike with the back-up of a 250 watt motor to give an assisted range of 45km – just what is needed at the end of a busy day.

Aside from the health benefits of cycling to work, increasing number of companies are joining the governments cycle to work scheme, enabling a saving of up to 42% of the cost of a new bike and Urban eBikes are included within the scheme.

So, if you’re looking at ways to take advantage of the growing network of cycle paths in town centres, and join the growing number of cycling commuters, now thought to top 1 million workers, visit our shop and select the perfect Urban eBikes for your commute to work.