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5 Reasons you should Join the eBike Revolution

By Bekki Richardson

13th June 2017

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To put it simply, eBikes offer the regular cycling experience but with an extra boost from an electric battery.

In recent years the number of eBikes on the road has increased significantly. As part of the eBike revolution, an ever increasing amount of people are finding that eBikes are the best mode of transport as they incorporate exercise and efficiency, something highly sought after in the fast paced environment of the 21st century.

Considering this, eBikes are the perfect investment for any individual looking for a more cost-effective means of transport as well as an enhanced lifestyle.

Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider adopting eBiking into your routine:

  1. It will save you time

eBikes can travel at substantially faster speeds than standard bicycles. Obviously they aren’t quite as fast as cars, but in congested city areas where drivers are often restricted to travelling at less than 20mph, eBike users can often reach their destination much faster. This is because they can utilise features exclusively available to bicycle users such as bike lines, and dip in and out of traffic on the roads.

  1. You will be rewarded with an array of health benefits

Cycling develops cardiovascular fitness, increases muscular strength and flexibility, and has positive mental health benefits. Because of the battery which eBikes are equipped with, the strain which regular cycling sometimes has on the legs is greatly reduced. Furthermore, the level of assistance which the motor provides can be adjusted so the rider is in full control of the level of exercise which they complete.

  1. It can be highly enjoyable

It is a known fact that exercise releases endorphins which have a positive impact on mental well being. Scientific jargon aside, speeding down the street with the wind blowing back your hair is certainly more enjoyable than sitting cramped car, bus, or train carriage.

  1. You will be single-handedly helping the environment

We all know that the carbon dioxide released by cars is contributing to global warming. So why are we not doing something about it? Yes eBikes rely on electricity, but in comparison to the fumes released by cars, the environmental impact of eBikes’ motors is minimal. Protecting the environment is very important and by travelling on an E Bike instead of a car, you’d be playing your part in ensuring that it is protected for future generations.

  1. It will save your hard earned cash

The average yearly cost of running a car exceeds £3,000. Charging your eBike’s battery will be much lower than this figure and could potentially be extraordinarily low depending on how much you rely on the motor’s assistance. The cost of the bike itself is nothing when compared to the amount of money you’d need to purchase a brand new car. Train and bus fares are also very high at the moment. Therefore, if you don’t feel like bursting the bank, an eBike would definitely be the most cost effective option.

The Lectro eBike range provides all these benefits in a range of exciting and unique bike designs. Why not join the eBike revolution today?